And we are off!

canoe or kayak…

You can see White Dog Camp, there is an arrow pointing right at it. Its the First house on the right after you turn left onto Second St (after you turn left onto Harbor from Hwy 90). Really, directions could not be any easier. But what you see to the far left is a satellite view of Bayou Philip. This is an ideal area for children to learn to canoe and kayak. It goes for about a mile and a half south then dead ends. Going north it goes for several miles, winding through bend after bend, before connecting to the Jordon River.

You can find topographical maps of the Bayou (as shown here). If you compare it to the satellite, you will discover that they are terribly inaccurate. You can pull up a satellite map on your cell phone, which is what we recommend (but keep it in a zip lock bag the first couple of times you go out, so it doesn’t get wet).

One of the fun things that families and friends can do with more than one canoe or kayak is race (or simply try to keep even). A relatively moderate length race is to go to cow island, shown below. Cow island is so named because it is a small, but true island that sits in front of a cow pasture. If you go south into Philip Bayou, past the sea lion crossing sign (you’ll know it when you see it) the island is another 500 yards and one major bend down. It is in the last major bend before the bayou straightens out again. The race includes going completely around the island (which during low tide can be a little tricky).

There is a lot to see in the Bayou. Morning is the best time to go. There is mist on the water, the birds are active and if you’re lucky, you just might see an alligator.

Of course, the best thing you can do with one of our canoes is use it to go fishing! This is our youngest, on his maiden solo voyage in the kayak.

Here is a quick how to video for two man canoe…

How to stroke the blade in the kayak…